Founder's Story

Kingsmilgrain founder Daniel wanted to marry Esther whom he had met a small town church. However Daniel who was poor was not the typical bachelor that the society sought high. Due to oppositions and obstacles surrounding them Daniel felt he needed to give up.

In what could be the last date, Daniel told her everything honestly and with his love for her gave her a song as his last present. With just a guitar and his voice, Esther felt his sincerity and knew she could spend the rest of her life with him. She encouraged him that money or the background of a person does not build the person’s identity but the mind and thinking of that person does. They both became more confident in front of the world and at the end got married.

Born From Love

Due to her sensitive skin, Esther had many skin troubles every time she cleansed. To find a cure Daniel went to a renown artisan who had researched cleansers since the 90’s. The artisan saw the truth in Daniel’s heart and gave him the soap that he had made for his own family.

The soap was soft on Esther’s sensitive skin. The artisan’s recipe and secret compound had no chemicals but made a dense foam healthy for cleansing the skin. Daniel wanted all the people he loved to be able to use this soap. So Daniel and Esther started Kingsmilgrain.


Love driven

There are people who believe that the essence of everything is love.

When all the others follow success, power, and money you follow the path of timeless values of love.

When all the others focus on outer beauty you already know,

the reason we can stand firm in front of the world is through our mind and hearts of a King.

You pursue timeless value with elegance and class rather than the luxurious trends of the time.

You believe in the simplicity of essential value rather than ever changing new trends.

You know there is no meaning if a great vision does not start from pure love.

“The essence of everything is love.”


Kings Soap

Skin detox, easy everyday.

An artisan's secret compound recipe handed down since the 90's.

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